Immanuel Approach Made Easy Part 2

Immanuel Approach Made Easy Part 2

Immanuel Approach Made Easy

Part 2

The Immanuel Approach is a method that enables the individual to experience a regular, life-changing, interactive connection with the living presence of Jesus.

In my last post, Part 1 outlined the method of establishing a meaningful, interactive connection with the Lord. In this connection, you will be able to acknowledge that it feels true that the Lord sees, hears, and understand your emotions and thoughts that you are experiencing (and communicating) and that it also feels true that the Lord can and will respond to your thoughts and feelings.

Furthermore, I encouraged you to re-enter a memory of a time you experienced a positive connection with the Lord. By doing this, you stirred up appreciation for the connection you have with the Lord.

This connection would be perceived as adequate, in that, you would be able to perceive the Lord clearly enough, allow him to come close enough, feel a strong enough emotional connection, and is able to receive enough help and guidance from the Lord to enable you to take the next step.

However, what can you do if you cannot perceive a meaningful connection with the Lord either because you do not have an available positive memory with the Lord or you are unable to perceive a positive memory because of a blockage that is in the way?

The answer is deliberate appreciation. Can you find a memory of a particularly beautiful experience with your spouse or one of your children? Do you have a memory of a favorite Christmas event or experience? It can be something brief, such as a baby’s smile, a beautiful scene, an act of kindness, or a warm cozy moment. Even if you have no sense of God’s presence in the moment, you can still feel deep levels of deliberate appreciate for what God has provided. You will become more relationally and emotionally connected to the living presence of Jesus as you enjoy the blessing of the memory with full knowledge that He is the giver of all good things.

Dr. Ian Mogilevsky

Dr. Ian Mogilevsky

For the past 16 years, Dr. Ian has had the privilege of providing psychological service from a Christian perspective to adults, children, couples, and families from Winnipeg and the surrounding Southern Manitoba region.

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